Insight 5.8 is Live with New Product Support, UX/UI Updates & More!


Insight 5.8 is Live with New Product Support, UX/UI Updates & More!



Insight updates are always an exciting time for us for NETGEAR Business team. It’s the time when we get to see your valuable customer feedback and our hard work come to fruition. Considering that, the latest NETGEAR Insight has updated UX and UI that will improve workflows, and help you find the exact setting you need quickly and efficiently. And of course, the beauty of Insight is that you can easily update all of your Insight hardware firmware for the latest release right through the Insight app or Insight web portal.


We’re also excited about the new hardware support with new products like the NETGEAR Insight Instant Wireless AirBridge, capable of creating a fast, wireless Point-to-Point Line of Sight connection up to 3km. It’s perfect for detached buildings such as temporary portables, garages and outdoor work spaces. Airbridge is ideal for almost anyplace where running Ethernet would be difficult. Airbridge has some other great modes of operations perfect for many other tricky networking situations so definitely check it out!


-NETGEAR Insight Team


Check out some of the updates and new features in Insight 5.8 below:



  • Support for all-new NETGEAR Insight Instant Wireless Airbridge
  • Growing portfolio of Insight devices including all new GS110TUP and GS710TUP PoE++ switches
  • Advanced Account-based Notification Management
    • Set up and configure notifications based on your needs and preferences
    • Users can enable and disable notifications based on time period and / or type of notification (i.e. email or push)
  •  UX/UI Enhancements
    • Seamlessly navigate from network-level configuration to device screens 
    • Introduced clear visual differentiation between network and device level settings
    • Visual enhancements to GUI and improved VLAN configurations


  • All enhancements for Insight Basic
  • Premium Multi-Year and Multi-Device Pack purchasing through Insight
    • Easily purchase discounted 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year subscription packs on the Insight app and the Cloud Portal
    • Easily purchase discounted 5-device and 10-device credits on the Insight app and the Cloud Portal


  • All enhancements for Insight Premium
  • Easily view notifications across all Organizations and networks through Account-based Notification Management

What are you waiting for? Learn more about NETGEAR Insight today!


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