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RAIDar can not installed on Mac Studio


RAIDar can not installed on Mac Studio

Excuse me, 

Right now, i'm using Windows operating system (Win 10 Pro) to connect to Ready NAS 628X. I'm using Netgear RAIDar Utility version 6.5.0 (firmware 6.6.1). It works just fine.


I want to switch to another computer with Mac OS. I'm having trouble to install Netgear RAIDar version 6.5.0 on my Mac Studio (M1 Max). when i try to install RAIDar_6.5.0.dmg, there is warning like attachment below. 

And then i try to install  jdk-17_macos-aarch64_bin.dmg
But the warning is still there/the software is still not working


Please, can anybody help me? What should i do?



Ragil Atmo

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