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Nighthawk MK63 Mesh Trouble


Nighthawk MK63 Mesh Trouble

Hey, guys. I recently got a Nighthawk Mesh MK63 system for my home anout 3 or 4 weeks ago. I have read some threads on the site that have been my issue, but I feel like I need more information. I'm not quite sure if I have a semi-defective unit that somehow decides if it wants to work or not(inb4 "your unit is either defective or it isn't." comments)but this is my issue:

About twice a week, without fail, my Mesh system will stop broadcasting my internet signal. Although my ISP modem is still connected to the internet(tested by my PC which has a direct connection to my ISP device), but the light on the Mesh router is the solid amber color. Although the router is solod amber, the satellites are both solid blue. I have taken advice that has been presented on other threads to reset the Mesh with the button on the back, reset my ISP modem, disconnect all wires and reconnect, re-sync Mesh router with satellites, the whole 9 yards. None of these steps work. The Mesh will just...start working again at seemingly random. It has usually been when we're sleeping and no longer need the signal. As you can imagine extremely unhelpful for my wife and I who both have our regular jobs, And a second job we both work from home and rely on connectivity.

I purchased my unit from Best Buy and bought the 3 year extended warranty. Should I just exchange the unit? Or are there more steps that I can take when this happens to get it reconnected quickly? So far I am extremely disappointed with my experience with the Mesh.

***Picture of setup included. Note that the bottom two lights on my ISP provided modem/router do blink. The tower with the signal and the 3 boxes. I don't know what these lights mean, but when I connect devices to this modem/router the internet works fine depending on position in home***

If it matters, my ISP is Mediacom. Brand of device is an Xtreme. There are no other notable distinctions on the device.
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Re: Nighthawk MK63 Mesh Trouble

What actual modem/gateway is it? The label should have its model number. 

Regardless, based on your photo's is that its a modem/router combo device and not just a modem. 

It causes a double nat. 

A double nat happens when you cascade more than 1 router.
Fixes? There’s 3 options but only use 1.
1. Put the modem/gateway in modem only/pass through mode. This disables its routing functions. Most ISP's only support 1 device connected to it in modem only mode.
2. Leave the modem/gateway in router mode but put the Netgears IP address into its DMZ. This forwards the data to the netgear. You can either leave the modem/gateway’s wireless enabled or disabled. Just make sure its using a different wifi channel to prevent interference
3. Put the Netgear into access point mode. This disables its routing functions. Wifi/ethernet still works but it does disable some features.

Current setup: CM2000-> RBKE963B-> Trendnet TEG-S380-> GS716T-> pi-hole
also in AP setup: RAXE500->EAX80
1.4gig download/50mbps upload from Xfinity
We’re members of the public helping out on our own time.
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Re: Nighthawk MK63 Mesh Trouble

plemens help will probably get you solved quickly (he's right it's best to simplify setups, and people don't always know how).  But just in case...


My 2 cents would be to log in to the admin page of your router ( in a browser), or use the Nighthawk app if that works for you (I hate it personally).  Then you could see what is failing or what the logs say.  Details help when diagnosing and fixing stuff.


My vague recollection when seeing amber on the router box was my cable modem wasn't giving it internet access.  Be that no IP address, or whatever.  Unplugging one device and plugging in a new one can trigger a lot of stuff that might fix your original issue (it might still be the ISP device's fault).


If you're not swapping devices (the mesh router and PC are always plugged in), then you can log in to the ISP device's admin page.  On mine (Xfinity) it's in a browser.  Normally is whatever the IP range it gives out with .1 at the end.  Both my XB6 and XB7 devices had a default "admin" user with "password" as the password, it made me change that on first login before it completed.  Those devices can show any firewall issues or how well they're talking to your ISP (correctable vs. uncorrectable errors for instance).  Maybe a built in security feature is disabling the mesh router for a bit?  The ISP device should have a way to see that.

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Re: Nighthawk MK63 Mesh Trouble

Thanks for the reply, and sorry it's been a few days to get back to you.

Unfortunately, there are absolutely no stickers or markings on my device from my ISP as I stated in my post. They have removed everything and replaced it with the "XTREME" marking on the shell. There is a small rectangle plaque on the bottom where I assume the original information was, but ISP replaced it with a sticker of their own telling me to contact them with any problems. If you have to know anything about Mediacom just know they're shady and extremely unreliable, but the only provider I currently have access to.

I will try one of these and hopefully it takes care of my issue because of now my issue is still happening. Thanks for your input!
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