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Connect Orbi directly to Fios ONT


Connect Orbi directly to Fios ONT

1. Is there a step by step tutorial for connecting my Orbi directly to the Fios ONT in my garage?

2. Is there an advantage/disadvantage (signal strength and speed) to having Orbi directly connected to the ONT versus having it setup as an Access Point?

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Re: Connect Orbi directly to Fios ONT

I have Verizon Fios as well.

From what I understand, to connect the Orbi directly to the ONT in Router mode required that Verizon activate the RJ45 (ethernet) port for internet, of which they rarely do, unless you nag them.  If that port is active, all you have to do is simply connect the Ethernet Cable to your Orbi WAN then that is it.


I don't have the Ethernet port activated, then again if it is my orbi router would be in the garage not ideal.  I use the coxial cable that is alrady pre wired into my house and put the orbi router in the middle of my house.  However to make the Orbi the Router, I have to use this guide https://medium.com/particle-bits/setting-up-the-actiontec-mi424wr-rev-i-as-a-passive-bridge-5bf23dcf...


To set up the Orbi as an AP point behind a verizon router is easy Netgear has a guide for that but I do not like verizon router in general.  Also I heard you loose some of the functinality of the Guest Network.

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Re: Connect Orbi directly to Fios ONT

This is actually the use-case I have in my house. My FIOS service is 100/100 which means they activated the ethernet port during installation (it's the Verizon policy apparently for speeds higher than 50/50). If you have only coax, just call them and ask for the ethernet port to be enabled.If you already have the Verizon router, you will need to release the DHCP lease prior to unplugging it and plugging in the Orbi. Once you plug in the Orbi, everything should be all done.


If you have FIOS TV, then you will need either their router or a MoCA bridge to get things like channel guide, VOD and DVR features. You can follow the passive bridge guide linked by OrbiMan to get that going.

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