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Orbi vs. hardwired ethernet


Orbi vs. hardwired ethernet

Planning to upgrade wifi in a home we just purchased about a year ago.  It's 4000 sq ft, single story, and the router is at one end of the home.  I was thinking about going with Orbi system.  However, my question is this:  most of the rooms are hardwired for ethernet with gigabit switch in the office at one the end of the house.  Is there another alternative that would utilize this, i.e. some other type of network access point that would still be wireless for the user in that room?  Or am I better off just abandoning that legacy system and going with Orbi?

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Re: Orbi vs. hardwired ethernet

The "legacy" wired system is current technology, will far outperform any wireless solution, and should not be adandoned.  If you already have wires to almost every room, the best performing solution would be a few wireless access points (maybe 3 or 4) spread around the home, plus a separate router connected to your switch. You could continue to use your current router.


Netgear sells wireless access points (Insight in the business product line) but I'm not very familiar with them. Uqiquiti also sells a line of popular access points. Both solutions have a controller/app for managing the access points.

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