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Tweaking an Orbi (RBK33) satellite in "POOR" location


Tweaking an Orbi (RBK33) satellite in "POOR" location

"5000sf house" capable with rave reviews from son in huge "new" 2st house, signals even out into great back yard

solve my 1500sf boomarang shapred house Linksys woes as a replacement, ezy-pzy


Living room sat. backhaul status GOOD through mostly glass ~30' away from main router

uh-oh MBR sat. backhaul status POOR through foil + shtrock/wood stud walls x4 ~30' away from main router


Mystery is .... POOR locations get superior internet speed checks, while GOOD locations back there get puny, ineffective internet speeds

Hello?  What?  WHY?


In progress, are blind tweaks in progress

1. tomorrow replacing Cat6e router cables with Cat7 + long enough (15') to relocate main router away from these walls a bit (now mounted close to ceiling, near exterior glass ... of little help) We are connected to Suddenlink cable (200Gbps) and have a new drop, new smart TVs

2. moved Liv sat. so can have a chance to communicate through windows to help reach MBR sat.

3. all moves made to MBR sat. have failed to improve on current location & internet speeds, even when assisted with Android software bird dog = Wifi Analyzer free software, even ot other adjacent rooms, so consider this a dead horse worth no more flogging

Model: RBK33| Orbi Plug-In WiFi System
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Re: Tweaking an Orbi (RBK33) satellite in "POOR" location

CAT7 cables make no significant difference, exvept now long enough to place mother router whewre it can "see" (line-of-sight) through one single pane window its #1 satellite.  Next trial will be to see how to get line-of-sight through two windows for Sat1 to "see" Sat2 for a better "mesh".


Sat2 has many wall hurtles in a maze to get near mother router.

Ironically a POOR backhaul report gives x5 better internet throughput than a GOOD report!!!?!?!?!?!  Explanation, please?

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