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Orbi, OpenVPN and DynamicDNS

I recently purchased an Orbi kit and having OpenVPN on the router is handy (this was on my old router too, so keeping it on there makes it simpler), however...


I have own custom Dynamic DNS configuration setup with my personal domain, and therefore I have no need to enable the Dynamic DNS services on the Orbi.  If I don't enable the Dynamic DNS on the Orbi, I'm unable to enable OpenVPN.


I understand this might be the recommended setting, but I have no need and don't want to use public Dynamic DNS services. 


Can this be modified so OpenVPN can be enabled without requiring Dynamic DNS?


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Re: Orbi, OpenVPN and DynamicDNS

Hello austoonz


Here is the article with the recommended way to use Open vpn.



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Re: Orbi, OpenVPN and DynamicDNS

Hi Darren,

I think you've completely missed the point of my question.

1. I have the Orbi kit, not the Nighthawk router

2. I know how DNS works, and how having a dynamic IP address makes it hard to access my home network. This is not an issue for me - I have my own solution on place with my personal domain. In other words, I already have a DNS name to access my current home IP Address.

3. My issue is with the latest Orbi firmware - to enable the OpenVPN server on the Orbi, I must either configure a static IP Address on the WAN link, or enable the Dynamic DNS services on the Orbi.

The OpenVPN service is "greyed" out and cannot be enabled without one of those two options configured.

5. This request is to remove that limitation so I (and others) can enable the OpenVPN service *without* a static WAN address and *without* having to enable the in-built Dynamic DNS service on the Orbi.

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Re: Orbi, OpenVPN and DynamicDNS

Exact same problem here.  I already have an account with, and the updater is running on one of my computers already.  (And the updater for isn't working, as somebody else has already noted in this forum.)


The wording of the popup dialog when enabling OpenVPN makes it sound like it's just a reminder ("please make sure you will do this"), but apparently that's just a poorly phrased error message.


Can the firmware be fixed, or do we need to just replace this with some wwdrt variant when it comes out if we want openvpn support?


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