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GS108PEv3 vlan management port


GS108PEv3 vlan management port


I have set up a vlan configuration to have access to 7 vlans with my computer, what works fine so far. My computer uses a intel ethernet card and is on port 1 of the netgear switch. The only thing is, that i don't have access to the switch, as far as i configure one or more vlans in my intel PROSet Adapter Configuration Utility. Unfortunately i can not configure a dedicated management port on the GS108PEv3 switch. Am i missing any configuration?



VLAN2: 1T, 2U
VLAN3: 1T, 3U

VLAN4: 1T, 4U
VLAN5: 1T, 5U
VLAN6: 1T, 6U

VLAN7: 1T, 7U
VLAN8: 1T, 8U

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Re: GS108PEv3 vlan management port

Nothing missed - these switches are not designed and built around a managed core. The configuration processor is listening to all ports e.g. and handling for the untagged traffic and the management IP address only, thus tagged traffic can't be used for the configuration. 


not fully convinced on how to read the VLAN table provided - the way a VLAN is available on a port, being tagged or untagged, is defined by port. Does this VLAN 1..8 list show the different ports? Best guess is that the port where you connect the Intel adapter should carry all VLANs, so it could be for port 1 VLAN 1 [U]ntagged and VLAN 2...8 [T]agged to get the access to. This would allow using port 1 for the untagged traffic then.



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