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Problems with PoE power budget on GS108PEv3 switch?


Problems with PoE power budget on GS108PEv3 switch?

I have a GS108PEv3 PoE managed switch, which I am using to power three EnGenius EWS357APv3 APs. My WiFi is acting up every so often. My clients try to connect, temporarily do so (< 1 s), but then fail to acquire an IP address from the DHCP server running on the firewall appliance. They drop the connection and try to connect again. This goes on with a somewhat random frequency indefinitely.


I am wondering, whether the GS108PEv3 at times is overwhelmed with powering three APs. I currently have one unplugged, and that seemed to resolve the situation. However, I am wondering, whether there would be any indication on the switch itself that there is too much current draw. Is there a status light or maybe something in the web interface of the switch?


The switch can source 15.4 W on each port, up to a total of 53 W. 3 × 15.4 W = 46.2 W < 53 W. There are no other powered devices plugged into it. Per EnGenius, the power consumption of each AP is 13 W.


I don’t want to bark up the wrong tree, because there is another possibility. One of the APs, the one I have now disconnected, only can produce 100Base-T-like speeds. This is based on the speed status light of the corresponding port on the switch. The patch panel and the Keystone jack are both CAT6, but the wiring in the house is CAT5e. I am wondering, whether bad wiring is causing some kind of situation.

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Re: Problems with PoE power budget on GS108PEv3 switch?

Poor keystone jacks or pushdowns can cause lots of issues. 

Does it stay stable if you're just using the 2x AP's?

Or does it stay stable if you power the one (or try more than 1) off a power supply and not the POE (for testing) 

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Re: Problems with PoE power budget on GS108PEv3 switch?

I had the issue go away once, so far, when I powered down one of the APs. I have yet to check, whether the PoE MAX light comes on, when it happens again.

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