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ReadyCLOUD - ability to choose share/target folder


ReadyCLOUD - ability to choose share/target folder

I'm sure this is a request that has been made before, but I thought it might help if I added my voice to it. Hopefully this issue will get bumped higher on the priority list.

I would like to be able to specify which folder I backup from and where I backup to, as opposed to being limited to folders in the 'Users' sub-directory and having folders created automatically on the 'data' volume. That goes for the ReadyCLOUD PC app, as well as the Android app. On the Android app you can only backup photos that you take with your camera. What about shared pictures?

I must admit that I'm baffled as to why such a simple feature has been neglected. It seems like it should be on a list of 101 features you want when backing up data.

While I have this thread going - another issue I have is that the snapshot folder is included when new snapshots are made. I like the feature, but making a snapshot of a snapshot is redundant. When there are multiple snapshots it's like having two mirrors facing each other - you have a snapshot, of a snapshot, of a snapshot, of a snapshot, of a snapshot...

And I'm not entirely sure why Netgear has even bothered with snapshots - at the moment my backups are not performing a sync, i.e. all files are copied to the NAS and if you delete a file on your PC it is not deleted on the NAS. So all copies of all files are stored on the NAS. Isn't that the idea of a snapshot - so you can delete or modify files and then retrieve an earlier version later if you need to? If the NAS stores all the files anyway, then you don't need a snapshot as all the files are there. I will bring this issue up in the support section - maybe it's just my ReadyCLOUD that doesn't work.

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Re: ReadyCLOUD - ability to choose share/target folder

We have been discussing this topic a few months back:


Hopefully engineering will add this feature for the ReadyCloud app.
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