ReadyNAS Dropbox Sync Stopped Working


ReadyNAS Dropbox Sync Stopped Working


I have a Ready NAS 424 and signed up for Dropbox Business Standard account.  I have ReadyNAS set to do a bi-directional sync with my 5TB Dropbox account.  It successfully sync'd my 3TB of data I have on my NAS I wanted.  But since, it has not sync'd in over a month.  I've been adding to NAS as usual, but the changes are not reflected in Dropbox.  I've stopped and started the service on NAS.   I don't know if this is a Netgear or Dropbox issue and really hope someone has advice.  It was a pricy leap to buy the Dropbox Business Standard subscription to have enough space.  My thanks in advance!  --Collin

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Re: ReadyNAS Dropbox Sync Stopped Working

Hi Iceman75229,


It will be best if you download the NAS system logs then check the dropbox.log. You might be able to find something there that is causing the issue. 


You may also send the logs to me so we can check it as well. You can send it by uploading it to a file-sharing site then send me the download link via PM (private message).



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Re: ReadyNAS Dropbox Sync Stopped Working

I have the same issue. I had Dropbox syncing perfectly with my ReadyNAS 314 but it just stopped working a few months back. I've tried setting up the Dropbox functionality again but it mever seems to complete and is stuck in "Pending" mode on Dropbox. After having serveral forum help from the Dropbox team they could not resolve why and said to ask the Netgear community.


Please advise...


Thanks - Scott

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Re: ReadyNAS Dropbox Sync Stopped Working

That's real nice huh?  Netgear & Dropbox have an alliance to work together but when they can't figure why the feature doesn't work, then "ask the forum".  That's crap!  I paid a lot of money for this NAS and in addition, bought 5TB of space so that I could keep a complete copy of my NAS offsite (in Dropbox).  My last sync was 26 days ago and I've definitely made changes locally on the NAS that should've pushed up to Dropbox.  This happened once before.  The only way I got it to work was to create a new share in Dropbox, "leave" dropbox in nas, and setup a new sync all over again.  Then it started uploading, I had to delete my original stored copy in Dropbox (so I'd have enough space) while it uploaded the second time. 


I feel for ya'....I just wish I had an explanation OR wish that NETGEAR would resolve a feature THEY provided!

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