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ReadyNAS NV S2000 --> ?


ReadyNAS NV S2000 --> ?

I have a ReadyNAS NV (product number RNNVS2000) that is dead.  Time to upgrade, for a number of reasons.


A simple question:   Which current products can I put the disks from the old NAS into and it'll just handle things?

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Re: ReadyNAS NV S2000 --> ?

That's the old Infrant version of the NV, right?


The unfortunate answer to your question is "None".  Only an NV or NV+ (not NV+V2) will work with your volume.  There are no current ReadyNAS products, anyway.  While they have not formally announced it, Netgear is clearly going out of the NAS business.  No products have been on dealers' shelves for some time.


You can recover the data using a Linux system or products that can access a Linux RAID from Windows.  @StephenB is much more familiar with those than I.


If the problem is the power supply, which is common on older NAS like yours, you can make an adapter to connect an ATX power supply to it externally and then recover your data.

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Re: ReadyNAS NV S2000 --> ?

Ah, well.  That's not the answer I wanted, but what else is new.


I can slam the disks into some open bays on a Linux tower system I have here, but that's going to be temporary, I think.  I really want a dedicated NAS box that I can turn off.   It's more or less archived material only occasionally accessed.



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