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My elderly neighbor has a Netgear N300 - WNR2000 and the power supply has failed.

It's and MT20-21120-A00F manufactured by Leader Electronics.

Online they seem to be available from various sources but using the live chat today

to see if Netgear stocks them they just keep saying "depends if it's on warranty"

when I say we don't expect a "free" one they suggest I try the website, but I 

can't seem to find the correct way to ask for it.

Bottom line: DO Netgear have the power supplies described in stock and how can I

order one? If not I'll end up going on line


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Re: WNR2000.

No. Netgear doesn't sell power supplies. 

But luckily, you can get a 3rd party adapter. Just make sure it has the same voltage and AT LEAST the same amperage. You can have more but I wouldn't recommend less. 

I've done this several times and its worked great. 

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Re: WNR2000.

Thanks, I had come to that conclusion.


Sadly, the chat function wasn't helpful, they could simply have checked and told me that instead of

carrying on about warranty and wasting my time.

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Re: WNR2000.

They probably could have. But sadly, netgear outsourced their support to gearhead. its made getting help challenging unless you pay for it. Which is why there's the forums. 

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Re: WNR2000.

You can get those power supplies cheap on amazon or ebay, whatever you prefer.

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Re: WNR2000.

A few details missing from the earlier answers, any generic adapter will work, as long as it has the right volts, enough amps and a tip with the right (+/-) polarity and dimensions.



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