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OS6 wondering


OS6 wondering

Hello, everybody!


This question is about ReadyNAS Ultra 4, Pro 4 and Pro 6 upgraded to OS6.


Some background:

I have been using RN104 and NV+ v1 for a few years now, but as time goes I realized that those machines are hopelessly outdated (NV+)/underpowered(RN104). As I had my backups on an ReadyNAS Ultra 6 which died on me I replaced it with a ReadyNAS Pro 6 - and at the same time did an upgrade from Radiator 4.x to OS6, to avoid problems with ssh. Now I have acquired a couple of Ultra 4 and a Pro4 to replace the RN104 and NV+. One of the machines was already having 2GB of memory and OS6, so I upgraded it to the latest version and the other ones got more memory and I upgraded myself. Smooth process no problems. Just downloading the files and following the procedures outlined in this forum.


The machines with OS6 seem to work well, maybe except the Pro6 that lost connection with the network once or twice a week. But scheduled power downs seem to have fixed the problem. So no concern here as of now.



...and here comes my wondering:

I tried to install a few apps on the newly converted machines, as well as on the machine that I bought with OS6 on it. Those were the apps available from OS6 GUI, like Shell-in-a-box, MySQL, SMB Plus and a couple of others. Unfortunately, most of them won't install. The GUI just says that the package cannot be installed and when I try to install it "manually" via ssh command line, I see that some package dependencies are not being satisfied. 

I have located the Debian distribution for x86 corresponding to the OS6 version and as I can see, at least some of the dependencies can be satisfied by installing the required packages. Afterwards I was able to install one of the apps that I could not install earlier. So now I am asking myself - and you guys:

1. is my approach correct or is there another way to do it? ...or did I mess up the installation of OS6 without knowing it?

2. is it OK to install the required packages and know I won't be breaking anything in the OS? As I am not a Linux guy I cannot tell what I will and will not be breaking. The thing that I am concerned about are - of course - the files in the disk array.

3. does anybody have a list of packages that are missing from OS6 as compared to the regular Debian distro? (If I recall the Debian might have been 8.11 jessie, but not entirely sure.)


Kind regards /ZJ

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Re: OS6 wondering

There are a couple of issues that have cropped up recently.


One is that the Netgear repository for 6.10.8 is broken.  The workaround for that is to manually install 6.10.9

The other is that the version of Debian that ReadyNAS uses - Debian 8 (Jessie) - is old, and was recently archived.  What is needed there is to modify a couple of files on the NAS OS to point to the archive.  There is a fairly long thread on the topic here:

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Re: OS6 wondering



thanks Stephen for the reply. Unfortunately, installation of 6.10.9 did not resolve the issue. "Apps" that would not install under 6.10.8 will not install under 6.10.9 either.


Regarding the stuff to re-point Debian to the archive, I believe I managed to do that as I got the apt working on an experimental machine that does not hold any data as of now and I have managed to install some of the "apps" off Netgear repository by manually "chasing" what needs to be brought up-to-date. Nevertheless I will check out the information on your link and see if I can get things simplified.


As I have managed to update the Debian packages and then the Netgear "apps" I know that it could work. Nevertheless I wonder if somebody else has done it before and what risk there is that I will get the Debian on ReadyNAS corrupted by updating packages I have no clue about. Sorry for asking stupid questions, but I am simply not a Linux/Debian/Unix guy. And I will rather operate my MySQL database elsewhere and refrain from installing Shell-in-a-box, PHP and some other stuff on the ReadyNAS if I suspect I might put my files in jeopardy. (Yes, I have backups, I have a ReadyNAS as backup for my main ReadyNAS and a couple of regular HDD as another backup. 😀) ...and - of course - I am curious to what level the "Unofficial" OS6 can be made to conform to the "Official" OS6, as it seems to be run into some problems with missing/aged Linux packages on older machines, and thus refuses to install the official "apps".

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Re: OS6 wondering

@ziemowit wrote:


thanks Stephen for the reply. Unfortunately, installation of 6.10.9 did not resolve the issue. "Apps" that would not install under 6.10.8 will not install under 6.10.9 either.


Regarding the stuff to re-point Debian to the archive ...


The post I referenced has dropbox links for the two files you need.


FYI, Netgear has fixed their 6.10.8 repo.

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