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Re: Extender won't connect


Extender won't connect

Hi there.  Trying to get the ex1650 to connect to my Comcast router so I can extend service out to the pool for the app that lets us wirelssly turn on lights, pool cleaner ect.  I tried via the WSP method, no luck.  I connect to the netgear_ext wifi signal and then mywifiext.net and start the process of connecting it to my router.  It seems to go into this infinete loop.  I get through the process and it says that the extender is now connected to my router.  The router link LED never lights up though and when I try to connect my laptop or my phone it asks for my password.  I then enter my password but it automatically takes me right back to the new extender set up page (Netgear Genie) as if I am installing a new extender???  I've spent four hours today trying to hook this up, Googling and on the Netgear site and community forum.  I am not the most tech savy but not the least, probably middle of the road?  So patience please. All of MAC, SSID and multiple acronmies are starting to make my heart hurt with all of the reading I have down today.


Any help is greatly appreciated in advance.

Model: EX6150|AC1200 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: Extender won't connect

Hello 66slabside


I have heard with comcast modems that sometimes you have to add the extender to a allow list on the router in order to get it to connect you may want to look for that setting in your modem also make sure you are using WPA2 security on your wifi.



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Re: Extender won't connect

Thank you for the tip.  The extender is at my friends house, I am doing her a favor or rather trying to.  I wil try that next time I go over and see what happens.  


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