Netgear wifi extender AC1200 can't login


Netgear wifi extender AC1200 can't login

Hi there, I'm sure many of you are on here because of netgears **bleep**ty customer service. I recently purchased a new modem/router that does not have a wps button on it. I followed the instructions of connecting my wifi extender nearby to the working router/modem. I got my laptop and connected to the extender while all lights were Green. I open my Internet browser and went to a page pops up that says new network extender setup. I click it and put in an email and password and security questions. When I hit next it just takes me back to the front page over and over again. There is nothing I can do and it's extremely frustrating. Any tips?
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Re: Netgear wifi extender AC1200 can't login

Hello pikatopher


You may want to try another web browser or make sure you do not have a pop up blocker or firewall stopping the process.



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