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WN1000RP connecting to wrong network


WN1000RP connecting to wrong network

I've had a WN1000RP booster for a couple of years and it's always worked perfectly - until yesterday. Suddenly, instead of maintaining its connection to my router, it's showing up as an extension to an open BT wifi-fon hotspot. I've tried a factory reset, plugged it in right next to my router and followed the install instructions. But rather than finding the router, it insists on connecting to BT.
BT tells me that a neighbour must have a powerful BT router and that I need to find a way to get my Netgear booster to ignore it.
I can't see how a neighbour's router can suddenly start interfering in this way - especially as my PC remains connected to my router as normal - but have no other explanation.
Can anyone help?
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Re: WN1000RP connecting to wrong network

try changing channels on your router

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Re: WN1000RP connecting to wrong network

Many thanks for the suggestion - but I think I've somehow solved the problem. Though I'd reset the booster a number of times, I did so again while it was plugged in and that seems to have done the trick as it's now connecting to the router and boosting its signal as before.


Perhaps I should have reset the booster that way in the first place, but at least normal service now seems to have been restored.

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Re: connecting to wrong network

All of a sudden, my wireless is no longer connecting to my router, even though all tghe other devices are connecting. What can I do? I have tried resetting the extender and the router and nothing works.

Model: WN2000RPTv3|WiFi Range Extender,WN3100RP|Universal Passthrough WiFi Range Extender
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Re: connecting to wrong network

Hello atwstar


Have you tried to connect via WPS or have you tried to factory reset the extender and try the setup again.



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