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extender refuses client connection


extender refuses client connection

I extablished a connection from the extender WN3000RP to my Fritz!Box 5330 via WPS (2.4 Ghz)

and I can connect to the extender web page via its assigned IP address.

I can not connect any client to the extender using Wi-Fi
When trying to connect any mobile client to the extender it says "Couldn't connect to network"
connecting any mobile client to the Fritz!Box is not a problem.

The extender was working fine for years till about 2 weeks ago
factory reset was done on both, router and extender but did not help

any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Merry Christmas


Extender Status

Hardware VersionWN3000RPv1h2
Firmware VersionV1.0.2.64_1.1.86
GUI Language VersionV1.0.2.64_2.1.9.1
Connection Status to Existing Network
Link Rate300 Mbps
Connection StatusConnected     
Model: WN3000RP|Universal WiFi Range Extender
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Re: extender refuses client connection

Try setting up the extender using the installation assistant and not WPS. 

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Re: extender refuses client connection

You should also check the passphrase that is used in the extended network that it is still the same as that of your existing router. When doing the smart installation don't forget to check the box use the same security ...as those of the existing network.

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Re: extender refuses client connection

thank you nielsvds for your response!

Setting up a connection between the extender and the router is not a problem.

And all settings (security and passphrase) are the same.

and they connect without problems any time, like after an off/on of the extender or the router.


its the mobile client side were the problems are
they have the same settings (security and passphrase) but fail every time connecting to the extender.
connecting the mobile clients directly to the the router using those (same) settings is not a problem.

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Re: extender refuses client connection

thank you plemans for your reponse!

connecting the extender to the router is not the problem.

using WPS or the assitant, it always connects without problems.

conneting the mobile clients to the router works as well without problem.

it is when I want to connect the mobile client to the extender that I cant connect.

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Re: extender refuses client connection

I would try a reset of your network settings.

Android phone: https://www.howtogeek.com/710873/how-to-reset-network-settings-on-android/

Iphone: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204051 (step 7)
Windows system: https://www.howtogeek.com/265870/how-to-reset-your-entire-network-in-windows-10-and-start-from-scrat...
Are you using fixed IP addresses or dynamic IP addresses (DHCP)?

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