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linking netgear extender to technicolor router


linking netgear extender to technicolor router

My service provider has given me a free technicolor tg589 router to replace my old existing netgear router. i have been using a wn3000 RP range extender which has worked with the Netgear router for a number of years. Have installed the new router, set SSID and password via a connected PC , reset extender to factory settings, synchronised extender to router, all four green lights have appeared on extender. However when I connect a device to the extender network (aaaa_EXT) it asks for a password. When i type in the password that I have been using and the one I set up for the Technicolor router it says it is incorrect. I have tried the password and wireless key on the plastic card which came with the technicolor router but it still says it is incorrect. Have contacted service provider who says everything looks correct and cannot help.


It appears that the extender has  acquired a new password

Model: WN3000RP|Universal WiFi Range Extender
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Re: linking netgear extender to technicolor router

I suggest resetting it again, and set it up without pressing the WPS button on the extender.


You'd join the _ext network (which should be open), and then browse to mywifiext.net and complete the setup.  You can enter the client network's passphrase yourself, and not depend on WPS setting it correctly.

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Re: linking netgear extender to technicolor router

Thank you. That has worked

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