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Re: how to increase wifi range 500 meters


how to increase wifi range 500 meters

Hi, I want to increase the WIFI range by 500 meters circle, which gadget use to increase the range, Is any expert opinion needed? 

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Re: how to increase wifi range 500 meters

You're not going to cover 500meters with a single router/access point solution. 

500 meters is a lot of coverage. You'd need quite a fewl access points. 

A 500m circle has 196,000 meters of coverage. That's a lot. 


So maybe a better idea is to go over what you're trying to actually do to see if you need that much coverage and what you're trying to accomplish

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Re: how to increase wifi range 500 meters

It depends on what you are trying to do.

FCC sets max power for both clients side and AP side,. limiting how far clients or AP can operate.


Are you trying to provide network to building that is 500 meters away from the building that has internet ?

Here is one way to extend the network to building half kms away.

router===Switch===WBC502-100NAS~~~~~~500Meters (Point2Point)~~~~~~~~WBC502-100NAS===Switch==AP


or  you are trying to blanket a park or golf-course with WI-Fi ?

Then you can use 

Router===Switches===AP points.

check out the WAX610Y to give outdoor wifi access. 


you can send your building (home or office or Park/Golf course) floorplan/maps  and NETGEAR team can help you with planning and product selection.  https://www.netgear.com/av/services/prowifi-designsupport/


There are customers who have installed NETGEAR Switches and AP in Outdoor Wireless Bollard  to give coverage for golfcourses and public parks.


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Re: how to increase wifi range 500 meters

my close friend suggest  this tp-link access points model no TL-WA1201

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