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C7000v2 keeps resetting itself - issue resolved


C7000v2 keeps resetting itself - issue resolved

I recently swapped from a C6300 to a second hand C7000v2 due to the Intel Puma 6 chipset issue. The C7000v2 improved internet performance, but the modem/router itself wouldn't stay on reliably. It kept on doing a "fast reset", where it would temporarily seem to loose power then work again. This happened anywhere from once every few days to almost 2-3 times per day.


The C7000v2 seemed to run much hotter than the C6300, so I bought a USB fan and taped it to the side of the C7000v2...but the issue remained.


Later on I swapped power adapters from the C6300 to C7000v2 and it's been stable for an entire week now. C6300, good adapter is the netgear 332-10762-01 (12V, 3.5A), whereas the C7000v2 "bad" adapter is the netgear 332-10750-01 (12V, 1.5A).

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Re: C7000v2 keeps resetting itself - issue resolved

According to the manual, its supposed to have a 3.5a 12v power supply. 

Whoever you bought it from probably sent you the wrong one. 

More than likely they were having issue with it and probably why they sold it 🙂 

see it all the time where someone accidentally uses a modem power supply on the router and it doesn't supply enough amps to run it. 

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