Alan connected to wifi but not internet

Feb 24, 2021 1:27:24 PM

I am possibly attempting to do something logically possible or have a lack of understanding I want to create separate VLAN as follows   Office Internet of things Media Only one and three ...

Bad Ethernet cord? Advice please!!

Feb 24, 2021 1:24:22 PM

Slow Orbi AX- could it be Ethernet cord? Here is the deal. Have has Orbi (RBK853) since June - ran flawless. ISP had a wide outage last week. Came back fine. Now 2 days in a row our internet has s...

Nighthawk R7000

Feb 24, 2021 12:55:09 PM

Just got this router hooked up and the speeds are much slower than with my modem/router provided by my ISP.  Connect direct to the modem I get 900 mb.  Connected direct to the router it dro...

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UPnP Portmap Table empty/blank

Feb 24, 2021 10:26:49 AM

Hello team,   I recently joined the Netgear family and im very happy with my XR500. i've been using it since last week and still cant find the way to add my PS4 pro to the Upnp list, i need as...

8 way switch FS 108

Feb 24, 2021 5:41:50 AM

Hi can anyone please help I have just had talktalk fast fiber fitted 500mb I am getting 500mb from the router to the 8 way switch but when measured from the out side of the 8 way switch to the tv I o...

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