R7000 Dropping 2.4Ghz Constantly

Jul 9, 2020 8:32:46 AM

With the recent move to home, my partner and I have been relying increasingly on our internet. We've noticed more and more drop-outs from the router that have been making working from home and doing ...

WNAP210 - Advice needed!

Jul 9, 2020 8:18:36 AM

Hi guys!   Looking for some help please, from you, the experts...!   I recently bought a second-hand Netgear WNAP210 Access Point from eBay to use in my garage. I have been working from...

NAS external storage device question

Jul 9, 2020 8:11:41 AM

Hello to everyone. I am trying to find a great solution to my office/home system. We have like 5 computers here.  Most are Macs but a couple are windows laptops. We use a lot of the Mac ecosyste...

Question about gigabit switches

Jul 9, 2020 7:55:31 AM

Hello to everyone. I am trying to figure out a solution to my set up.  I have a router that has 4 ethernet ports ti plug wired devices into. One of them is being used to jump to a 6 port gigabit...

Satellite recommendation

Jul 9, 2020 7:44:06 AM

I have the setup with router, 1 satellite indoor and the outdoor addition. Still missing coverage just in master bedroom. Does adding a wall plug in drop back haul speed for all or do I have to get a...

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Accidentaly removed blocked device

Jul 7, 2020 2:57:20 PM

Well, at some point I had blocked an unknow device, today I found out who it was, my grandkid's laptop and w/o checking first on how to, I, supposedly tried to allow this device back in, but due to m...

R6400 - firmware update?

Jul 7, 2020 2:23:24 PM

Hi R6400 is affected by the latest vulnerabilities affecting mergers routers https://kb.netgear.com/000061982/Security-Advisory-for-Multiple-Vulnerabilities-on-Some-Routers-Mobile-Routers-Modems-Gat...

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