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Netgear Orbi - Wired Sattelite

by seany187 Star on ‎2016-09-26 09:43 AM

Other mesh networks such as Eero and soon Luma support hard wiring your sattelites. I think its extremely important Netgear Orbi does the same. Especially for those of us who can.

PLEASE update the Genie program. It is so slow, clunky, outdated, and ugly. It's really pathetic, especially in the vain of more expensive hardware. The user experience does not match the price. It's like buying a Mercedes but the seats are made of cheap cloth. If I spend hundreds of dollars on a top of the line product, I expect the software to be excellent. Other companies have much better software. Catch up. 

New Netgear Genie ETA date

by aalexandrebeta Mentor on ‎2017-02-04 05:07 AM

What would be the date of the release of completly reworked genie.

With network mapping issue solved and many more to be delt with!

Orbi: True mesh

by BergWest Initiate on ‎2016-12-24 05:07 AM

Feature request: Make it possible for satellites to connect to each in order to extend coverage in tall or long houses.




I live in a four story town house and have bought the Orbi system in order to get better wifi on the top floor. The base is placed in the center of the ground floor which gives great coverage for the ground floor and the first floor. The satellite is placed on the second floor and extend the wifi to the third floor. On the fourth floor the is no wifi coverageSmiley Sad I would love to buy a second satellite and place it on the third floor but I understand that this is not possible because it has to be within the reach of the base... I would love if Netgear could add the option for a "true mesh". This is also what I expected when I bought it because it is marketed as a mesh network.

It would be interresting to have a feature able to use the previous config from a R7000 (for example) and to be able use the config when you install it on a R9000 - X10.

It woul be a huge time saver!

Orbi app suggestions

by AniDutta Apprentice on ‎2016-12-18 09:58 AM
Orbi is one of the best whole home Wi-Fi systems in the market. The only weak link is the app. Netgear can you please consider adding the following functionality in the app:
1) Pausing internet for a device
2) Setting time limits for a device
3) setting time limits for common apps ( see Disney Circle)
4) Set QoS
5) Activate guest network

A loyal user

Orbi: Improve diagnostic info

by netwrker Tutor on ‎2016-12-20 06:14 PM

I have added an Orbi system to my network in AP mode to replace an ASUS RT-68P, but miss much of the diagnostic info I've been accustomed to. 


On the attached devices screen in AP mode, I would like to know the current tx/rx speed of the devices, which band they are using, as well as whether they are on the router or which satellite. 


I'd also like to be able to see the MAC addresses of the wifi interfaces in the GUI so I can determine which router/satellite is connected from a wifi client system 


There is currently no way to install a proper PKI-chained SSL certificate from a third party like Comodo or StartCom SSL.  With all current versions of the NETGEAR firmware, when enabling HTTPS access for remote management, my/all browsers get angry because the R7000 is using a self-signed certificate:


Self-Signed Cert


I have a free StartCom SSL cert all generated and ready to install.  The problem is, there is no supported way to install this certificate, intermediate cert, and private key, with the R7000.


- Dave

Orbi Light Control Options

by JopopoJC Follower on ‎2016-12-08 12:11 PM

It would be great to have options for the top lights on both the router and satelite Orbi's.  The information about connectivity is welcome, so it would be nice to see it outside of the initial boot/sync for troubleshooting at a glance (or on demand).  Providing something in the Genie app for user preferences such as:

  • LED on post boot (current default)
  • LED always on
  • LED intermittently on (on for 10 seconds every xx minutes)
  • LED on during timeframe (user selectable days & times; e.g. during the evening hours when a user is most likely home)
  • LED always off


Suggestion on Features

by guyguy Apprentice ‎2016-12-13 11:44 AM - edited ‎2016-12-13 11:47 AM

I want Netgear to add some features to this router. If the feature does exist, please improve the feature to make it better.  First off, I am not a big fan of OpenDNS.  I should not be forced to use OpenDNS if I don't want to. I already know I can disable Live Parental Controls on this router.  I would prefer to do the managing on the router itself and not use OpenDNS. I believe that home routers should include basic features which includes block sites and set a time schedule. 


The features that I would like Netgear to add to this router if it doesn't exist already. 


1. OpenDNS- Give the user a choice to use this 3rd party company to filtering content OR let the user set controls on the router itself.


2. Block Sites- Give the user the ability to block by URL and Keyword. I know this feature does exist on the router but if you are using OpenDNS, what is the point of the feature. Again, give the user a choice to block sites on the router WITHOUT using OpenDNS. 


3. Time Schedule- Give the user the ability to set a time schedule PER hour PER device on the router itself. This feature doesn't seem to exist on this router.  A user should not have to completely turn off the wireless radios as means to control the time schedule. Everyone knows that if you pause a Youtube video AFTER the wireless radio is OFF, the video will continue to play and still gives the user the ability to search other videos. Again, I know you can set time blocks in OpenDNS to control the filtering level. That is not the same as blocking internet access to a wireless device.


4. Traffic Analyzer/Web History- This feature is included in the Asus routers.  Netgear does have Dynamic QoS but the link to view bandwidth by device or application is buried. To view the bandwidth, it should be a separate tab under Dynamic QoS and give it another name. This feature should be very accessible to users. Also, I know Netgear has a log to view device activity.  It is very weak and doesn't include everything. This log should be improved to include everything such as sites that are allowed and blocked. A user should be able to view the log by device as well. 


5. Netgear Genie- This app needs improvement. Linksys and Asus both of apps for there routers as well. There apps are not bad but they are better than the Genie. The Genie is not bad but it lacks features to help manage your network from inside/outside the home.  There is no "bypass login" to allow a user to have access to something that otherwise is blocked. Since the Genie is on my phone, I should not have to login to the Genie EVERYTIME to view the network map. It is soo tedious to login to Genie on my phone everytime. 


The Netgear router is good and fast but there is need for improvement. For the dollar amount that you are spending on this router, Netgear can make it better.  The above features are suggestions to make the router better and not everyone will agree. Perhaps I share the same wish list as the next person. 

Wall Mount Bracket for Orbi (RBK50)

by JBMN Star on ‎2016-09-26 09:54 AM

It would be great to have a wall mount bracket for the Orbi router.  My previous two wifi routers mounted on the wall.

The genie program looks and feels really outdated. It's slow, cluttered, and not terribly pleasing to look at or use. I think it could really use a facelift. The same goes for the netgear website and the router UI. The C7000 is a great product but it cost me a lot of money. I don't feel like the software/UI is consistent with the premium price I paid. 

 I use the Netgear genie software on an HP Envy Phoenix Desktop computer running Windows 10 with Mozilla Firefox browser version 50.1.0 and R8000 Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WiFi router. I have a long list of items in the LAN setup (Advanced tab --> Setup --> LAN Setup). I cannot sort the list by IP Address or MAC Address or Device Name. I can sort this list in Access Control (Advanced tab --> Security --> Access Control), but it is not the full list of items for which I have reserved IP addresses. When I make a change to any item in the LAN Setup, it goes to the bottom of the list. I have 45 items in the list now and I want to sort them to facilitate finding an item in the list. When an item shows up in the Access Control list, I check the LAN Setup list before allowing the item to connect. I have to search through all the MAC adresses which is tedious. It would be much better if I could sort the list first. I am using Netgear genie Firmware Version V1.0.3.26_1.1.18.


Firmware update

by Swerve83 Tutor on ‎2016-10-25 02:59 PM

So...not that I'm trying to complain because I really prefer the netgear products for my home use routers.  I have the nighthawk x8 R8500 and the nighthawk extender EX7000.  Both work great together, couldnt be happier.


Does anyone know if the user interface will get a face lift anytime soon. It's just butt ugly lol.  Also the firmware seems to lack in features, figured there would be more features available for on the fly analytics at the very least.


Anyhoo, thanks for any info :-)  Lookin forward to seeing the X10 in action haha


John C.
Wasilla, AK

On the Basic Home page, Attached Devices provides a list of Connected Satellites and Connected Devices.


Apparently prior to update V1.3.0.12, Attached Devices provided a list of the devices connected to the Router and each of the Satellites. The code still resides in update V1.4.0.18 and occasionally shows up when a device is renamed.


I think the old format is more informative than the new format, and should be made available as an alternate listing, maybe as the ADVANCED Home page, Administration, Attached Devices.


I have an R7500 Nighthawk router that works beautifully.  But one feature I miss is the ability to block individual devices based on a time schedule.  There is a feature to block ALL devices on a time schedule, but not individual devices.  Please consider adding that feature.  


For example, I want to block my 2 kids Ipods between 9pm and 7am on school nights, and 10pm and 7am on weekends, and allow all other devices.  Unless I'm missing something, this is not currently possible

VPN Setting

by Goenham205 Follower on ‎2016-09-30 04:41 AM
I'd like to see VPN Setting update in next firmware update that allows users to setup VPN with other VPN clients. While current instructions do allow for Smart DNS and shows how to create a VPN connection, it lacks today's needs. Having VPN support setting eliminates the need to run VPN on each device by allowing all connections to flow through router as one connection. Most services limit up to 3 connections at once. Having this support on my R8500 would totally eliminate the connections limit. Please consider supporting this with next firmware!

Update netgear usb control center

by Damian86 Tutor on ‎2015-10-01 02:18 PM

Netgear usb controll center does not work!!! When there will be an update for OSX El Captan????  

Netgear Genie - Network Map

by jdh2n_atl Follower on ‎2016-05-18 08:13 AM

The network map needs more work.


  • The current version assumes that your primary network adapter is the subnet you want to scan. That is not always the case. We need an option to specify the subnet to scan for devices. In reality it should be reading the ARP and DHCP table from the main internet router and the application should not be scanning the network.



  • It would also be nice if the device master list was actually stored on the router its self. Each individual Genie apps seems to be generating its own list.



  • The network map seems to have a limit on the number of devices. I have about 55-60 IPed devices in my house and I can only see about 30 at a time. Hello Netgear its the IoT age and everything is on WiFi now...



  • I love that parental controls and network map now allow device by device profiles settings. However, given the limitations to the network map feature above its hard to control every device, from every Genie application and from remote locations.



Never rebuild a configuration from scratch again!

by demonic1 Tutor ‎2016-12-28 10:26 AM - edited ‎2016-12-28 10:45 AM

I understand that a developing product needs updates.  Sometimes these updates require changes to what data is expected for an element of the settings config.  As a customer, when a firmware update is incompatible with my settings, it is absolutely unacceptable that I would have to re-build my entire config from scratch after updating firmware.  Netgear may not be able to update my settings but you should at least give us a tool to fix it.  It is NEVER ok to lose a customer’s hard work, that’s just bad business.  Here is how we fix it:


  1. Give us a tool to download the config in a human-readable format. I don’t care if it is TXT, CSV, XLS, or whatever…  Just give us something we can work with.
  2. With every firmware update, the “release notes” should include details of ANY changes to the settings requirements so we know what to adjust in our human-readable files. (ex: “The [setting] field for [control] on [screen] is now restricted to numeric characters.”) This points us directly to a potential problem. Netgear just needs to track such things and release the info with every update.
  3. Maintain a “white paper” with a list for the requirements/limitations for every settings value. This goes with number 2 above to allow us to fix problems.
  4. Along with item 1 above, we need to be able to upload this human-readable settings file back to the device.
  5. Auto settings debugger: When an attempt is made to upload a human-readable settings file, a check should automatically be performed to see if the file being uploaded conforms to the latest established rules.  Any errors should be identified with the specific item and what the fault is.  In the event of an error, the user should be prompted to override or abort with “abort” as the default.  In the event of success, the config is uploaded with a success confirmation.

This isn’t rocket science here.  I get that you need to do things that could break my old config.  All we are asking is that you give us the tools to fix it.  To reiterate my earlier point, “Start over” is NEVER an ok thing to tell a customer.


This one feature set would also solve several other problems:

  • uploading a port forwarding list
  • maintaining a block list
  • revising routing tables

All of these items would be downloaded/uploaded in one shot with the above suggestions.


As an organizational note:  If the human-readable download were actually a ZIP file it could contain multible human-readable files where any setting containing lists could actually be seperate files within the ZIP.  Maybe all the settings could be broken out into files containing relevant sections instead of a single long list.  If you need to take it in small bites, fine.  Dump everything into a single human readable file for now, add the error checker later, break the file into smaller relevant pices when you get the time.  I don't much care how you break down the task, just give us a took to fix the things you break and provide it sooner rather than later.  We need items 1 & 4 yesterday, the rest will be nice when you can get to it.


Thank you for your consideration.

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