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Cable Modem CM600 stuck in IPv6 mode - how do I get it reset?


Cable Modem CM600 stuck in IPv6 mode - how do I get it reset?

I have had TWC internet as my ISP for several years and have been using my own Cable Modem, CM600 with no issues.


I recently switched to WOW internet as my ISP.  The installer came and upon attempting to use my CM600 he stated he could not get it to connect because it was stuck in IPv6 mode.  He and I attempted to reset the CM600 several times by use of the factory reset button on the back of the modem.  It would reset all of the settings to factory, EXCEPT for the IP provisioning mode.

When logging into the modem gui, the settings would state under the IP provisioning mode in the status part "Override MDD" and the comment section "IPv6-only"  The firmware running is 1.01.05.  I attempted to reset the modem to factory default inside the modem gui....still everything would reset, BUT the IP provisioning.


I discovered TWC uses IPv6 and WOW uses IPv4, which since my cable modem would not reset to factory I am unable to use my perfectly fine modem with WOW until I can get it to reset back.  I have read on this forum there is no way to manually update or wipe your firmware because that is passed down/updated via your ISP. 

I spoke with TWC tech (which can be mind numbing) and they said they don't update modems firmware, I correct him in his belief of this.  He said he had no idea why my modem would not reset and it isn't anything they can do about it.  He said he would release the MAC address from my modem in my TWC account and maybe that would help, but it did nothing, which I knew it wouldnt. 


When I look in the "Event log" of my modem gui when I log into and reset it, I see everything reset, but then there is one override line, specifically for the IP provisioning!!  So there is some kind of code in the firmware, which I am unable to reset or wipe out to stop this override code!! 


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Can someone tell me how I can reset or WIPE the entire modem clean so it is TRULY has factory defaults!  If not, I have to buy a new modem, when my current modem works perfectly fine, just so I can use IPv4 for my new ISP.....


Attached are some pictures from my modem gui!


This is part of the even log when the modem resets and reboots...and automatic override!  

Time Not EstablishedNotice (6)Overriding MDD IP initialization parameters; IP provisioning mode = IPv6



This is the startup procedure RIGHT after a factory reset!





Model: CM600|CM600 High Speed Cable Modem
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Re: Cable Modem CM600 stuck in IPv6 mode - how do I get it reset?

Hello Stealth16

I would suggest contacting Netgear support if the modem is under warranty they might be able to help you with this.





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Re: Cable Modem CM600 stuck in IPv6 mode - how do I get it reset?

Sounds like a firmware bug.    Here is a post from a WoW employee further describing details of your issue - looks like its by design that this setting can't be reset:





I recall reading about a similar bug on Arris SB6121:




Have any Comcast friends who will let you activate this modem on their account?  It would then get a firmware upgrade since Comcast uses v6 provisioning.  Its possible this is fixed in a later firmware and you could then use it on WoW.  This table indicates Comcast uses a later firmware:




What did Netgear support say?



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