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Connects to Some Websites but not others


Connects to Some Websites but not others

Hi All.  We are Xfinity customers and have a Nighthawk c7100V. 


Our laptops will connect to some websites (Google, Facebook, Youtube) but intermittently not others (for example, Amazon and this page).  We called Xfinity and they said it was a problem with the Modem/Router.  When we called Netgear they wanted us to pay $89 for a service plan.  When I Googled this site popped up.  I looked to see if there were any sorts of updates and there are not.

Does anyone have suggestions for me?  Other than paying the $89?  🙂 


Thanks in advance for any help!



Model: C7100V|Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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Re: Connects to Some Websites but not others

A couple things you can try.

1. use your own dns instead of the one provided by xifnity. You can try googles which are and   or you can try cloudfare's its

2. I've seen several posts recently where its an issue of IPv4 addresses versus IPv6 addresses with the IPv4 not working. If you're not halfware computer savvy its a challenge to prove but its something I've been seeing more of. Potentially you could contact comcast and talk to a rep who knows whats going on. Here's a forum from comcast that has contact with a rep at comcast that can help if this is your case. 


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Re: Connects to Some Websites but not others

Thanks for this reply!  I will try these when I get home (I'm on a work computer that can access this site) and post back here as to whether it worked or not.

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