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Create DNS aliases


Create DNS aliases

is there a way to create a DNS alias on the router so that all devices on my network can use it?

I have an older smart TV (Hisense) that runs on the VEWD platform and I use OTTPlayer to stream IPTV. Ottplayer recently changed their DNS name from ottplayer.es to ottplayer.tv and now the app can no longer find the site.. I'd like to set up an alias so it simply redirects to the new URL but am not sure how to do it. Can this be done on either the router or in OpenDNS? I've looked at all the settings in both and haven't found anythng like that.

Model: C7000|Nighthawk - AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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Re: Create DNS aliases

the router doesn't really handle dns. If you look at its settings, you're basically pointing the dns requests to a seperate servers IP address. Usually its your ISP's dns. But some people change it to public ones like cloudfare/googles. 

Have you tried changing those? 

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Re: Create DNS aliases

I've changed them to the IPs for OpenDNS.com to do filtering. I wasnt able to find anything in OpenDNS' settings to create an alias either. If I could access the TV's OS I could create a hosts file entry and be done with it but this Hisense TV uses VEWD and I dont know of any way to access the OS.

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