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Nighthawk Gaming Setup ?


Nighthawk Gaming Setup ?

Hi all, 


I bought the AC2300, R7000P during the pandemic and shortage of routers in our area 8 months ago ditching our rental Cox setup. I have since added an Arris SB6190 and last week swaped it out for an Arris SB8200. Thinking my issues were related to the Modem which is standalone if that is not clear. 


My underlying issue is LAG/LATENCY while playing "COD WARZONE". My gaming experience lives in Packet Loss "3 stacked yellow & orange boxes on the left center of the screen" Most noteable is during my inptus. I use a wireless controller and also have tried wired with the same results. 


Internet speeds when tested hardline to modem are between 180+ mbps down and 10.5 mbps up, Ping between 6-8.


XBOX one X tests 165 mbps down and 10.5 up and latency under 40. I do not use WIFI, only Hardline with CAT 6 cables into my AC2300 router. My NAT TYPE is OPEN on XBOX and COD.


We do have no more than 3-4 devices on WIFI at all time. If I shut all of them off through the app the problem is still there. 


Some experimenting I have done to test my problems are trying to run Xbox direct to the modem and still having packet loss. Both Modems are giving me the same results by the way so upgrading to the SB8200 seems like a waste and I may return it. 


I have tried using differnet DNS settings in Router setup and also on the XBOX Network settings. Using Automatic has proven to give me the best results. 


I have recently uninstalled COD and installed it again but the problem is still there.


I tried to make adjustments with the router settings to see what would happen. I tried to enable Qos and found it did nothing to improve my situation if anything it made it worse. 


I then tried Port Triggering and setup a port for this feature and configured it with the XBOX Menu. This seems to have helped as I'm seeing a little less packet loss and have felt the game play better than ever.  


Upnp disabled was helping too but it takes me out of COD NAT TYPE from OPEN to MODERATE. 


I have moved my equipment to different locations in our home and have had the same issue. 


I have he default WAN settings setup in my router and not sure if I should adjust these.


Is there some setup others have used to sort out the LAG/LATENCY AND PACKET LOSS?


Can you share a setup to help me with my gaming experince?


Other friends of mine alll have little to no issues with packet loss. 









Model: R7000P|Nighthawk AC2300 Smart WiFi Dual Band Gigabit Router
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Re: Nighthawk Gaming Setup ?

Please post about this here for your model router:
Good Luck.

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