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Pages only load up to 25 percent????


Pages only load up to 25 percent????



Im having the issue of pages only loading to to about the 25% mark and then it just sits there. Sometimes I hit refresh to get it to go all the way, or sometimes if you wait long enough it will finish. What is causing this, I would really appreciate the help. Im using the N600 3.0 cable modem/router (c3700-100nas). Thanks. 


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Re: Pages only load up to 25 percent????

Hello CodyW


This could be a couple things first I would try to clear your browser history and cache. Second I would try to test another web browser see if you are having the same issues. It could be small Internet disconnects happening so check you cable connections make sure they are tight and if you have  a cable splitter bypass that and go straight to the wall and see if that helps. If the splitter is the issue may need to call your ISP and have them check your cable levels.



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