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Telstra CG3100-D2


Telstra CG3100-D2

Hello I need some guidance, are there any tutorials to to make my Telstra CG3100-D2 Cable Modem/Router in bridge mode? I will be buying an R7000 to use as a router. I am doing this as I have having issues accessing international streaming - i.e. Netflix / Hulu etc... With the Telstra CG3100-D2 Cable Modem/Router, I am able to change DNS settings but when it comes to static routes to block Google DNS, it doesn't work.

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Re: Telstra CG3100-D2

Hello Sleeperagent


Telstra controls the firmware updated on theses modems so they could have bridge disabled in this modem but if not try these steps. Hope to Hear your feedback 

1) Login to the modems GUI, via admin/password
2) Select "Administration", then "Management"
3) Change the "Working Mode" to "Bridged Only"
4) Click "Save Settings" and the unit will reboot to a bridged state.



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