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Trouble setting up


Trouble setting up

Hi, I just got the c6250 and can't get it to set up. I did chat support with cox and they said it's activated on their end but my modem/router is showing up as not connected. The said it all looks fine on their end so it must be the modem.

Basically, the first light lights up, the download one. Then the upload, then the online one will flash for maybe 10-20 sec before they all go out and it starts over.

I've power cycles, factory reset, and no change. I tried using the nighthawk app to set it up but when i gets to the "connect to netgear" stage it fails.

I've tried connecting using routerlogin.com but admin/password don't work. And then it asks me for security questions I've never chosen.

Any ideas?
Model: C6250|AC1600 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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Re: Trouble setting up

Power OFF the modem for 1 minute the back on? 

Disconnect the Coax cable. Does modem still exhibit same LED reboot problem?

Check the power adapter. Might try a different one with same volts and amps. 

Unit maybe faulty and needs replacing. 

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