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Netgear mr6110-1s4mes


Re: Netgear mr6110-1s4mes

I sent you my phone number
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Re: Netgear mr6110-1s4mes

Hi, I contacted with you several times and complained about all the problems mentioned in the community and I contacted with the technical support on Twitter and there is no clear response from the company. Did you know that I returned to my old device M5. I can't use the M6 because of the drain of the battery and the temperature and I cannot put it in the pocket because
I tested the power mode even with LTE but without utility Please refer to all the reviews in the community, everyone complains
And I tried a change between 5ghz 40mhz/80mhz and 2.4ghz and all of them are the same thing, the device has a defect that is unreasonable that all (similar) to drain
Please, we want a radical solution to the mentioned problems. Thank you very much.
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Re: Netgear mr6110-1s4mes

Hi @saleh86 , may I  know your environment conditions while you are testing the device, I have been using my unit here , with 22 C , using my Lenovo streaming all night and lasted about 9hours and 12 min to completely deplete it.


Can you post here your # concurrent clients and models and if you are using at home or in the car ?



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Re: Netgear mr6110-1s4mes

My use of the device is very light and heats up abnormally, even if I put it on the device on a table and in a cold place. The temperature of the place is 22 or 23, the temperature is continuous and I cannot put it in the pocket because of the temperature.
Please @mcuadrado review all the problems of the members in the NetGear community. I suffer from the same problems.
I suffer like @Hadeiazmi. Is it reasonable that there is no solution yet? I expect all the problems need a big update to solve all the problems. Thank you.
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Re: Netgear mr6110-1s4mes

Hi @saleh86 

We are taking your reports seriously, and I am currently investigating these complaints. However, I need more time to determine if these are actual issues or if they are consistent with our internal tests. Based on the details provided, we recommend to you and your friends , especially when using Ethernet or with continuous usage, use the device without the battery and connect it directly to a power source. This will ensure that the device operates as intended .
I want to remind everyone that our devices are designed to always be safe to use and touch, even if they may get warm depending on the conditions and type of use.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible product and experience, and we are working diligently to clarify or address any potential issues. In that front we already tested successfully a patch for Xbox series S  and 160 Mhz issues reported by @Hadeiazmi , working on providing an official release as soon as possible.


We will keep you informed as we gather more information. Thank you for your patience and understanding.



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Re: Netgear mr6110-1s4mes

Dear Mcuadrado,
-Is it normal to get half of the download speed when I use the Netgear Mr6110 comparing to using the phone directly , keep in mind that I'm using the same sim card and I've tested this in different places ?
- is it normal for the battery to drain in less than 5 hours and believe it or not even if I'm using the airplane mode the battery consumption is ridiculously strange !!
- finally is it normal to ask for an updat from a well known company to solve all those issues after paying almost double the price compared to different routers and no one cares about it ? !

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Re: Netgear mr6110-1s4mes



#1 for tput, really is dependent on NW side, even using same sim card, maybe NW reallocated different resources for both based on many aspects, but can you tell me which phone  model are u using and which locations?


#2 When it comes to battery drain, we want to make sure you have the best experience possible. We've been running some tests in different settings and have found that the battery life can vary depending on a variety of factors like network coverage, data usage, number of devices connected, content streamed, and device settings. On average, we're seeing about 8-10 hours of battery life with continuous usage, consuming around 6-8 Gbits of data, and having 1-2 clients connected at all times.

However, if you find yourself in a scenario where you need to use the device for an extended period of time, we recommend connecting it directly with the provided power source and using it in No Battery Operation (NBO) to ensure it operates as intended. We want to make sure you have a seamless experience and always stay connected.


Happy to answer more specific questions privately and test with your device about #1



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Re: Netgear mr6110-1s4mes



As @TamiAsmi said, on my MR5100 I got speed throttling on ethernet port.

I requested @JohnPeng to check as I sent him direct email as well.

Pls see below post:




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Re: Netgear mr6110-1s4mes

 @meloserj Please respect basic community rules to stay on the OP subject, which is clearly "Netgear mr6110-1s4mes". 

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