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Circle on Nighthawk R8000P


Circle on Nighthawk R8000P

Hi there,

I am having huge problems trying to get Circle working on my R8000P with an Apple iPhone. It seems to work ok for 3 days, then suddenly history stops being tracked and no sites are filtered - so I turn Circle off, uninstall iPhone app and start again. OK for 3 days then stops working. So I upgraded to the premium version for £4.99/month. Exactly the same problem. I called Netgear support, they transferred me to Netgear in the USA, who then transferred me to CIrcle in the USA who promptly cut me off with an automated message saying I should call Netgear support. I raised a Netgear support case and have been told to call a USA number from the UK.

All router firmware and iOS software is current and up to date - can anyone provide help please?

Model: R8000P|Nighthawk X6S AC4000 Tri Band WiFi Router
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Re: Circle on Nighthawk R8000P

Hello threebythree, 


May you send me a private message with your case number(s) and I can assist with support following up. 




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Re: Circle on Nighthawk R8000P

Was there a resolution for this? I’m having a similar issue with the Circle 1st Gen app and my R8000P.

Content filtering doesn’t seem to work at all in the Circle app, history tracking doesn’t work, no usage stats. The only thing that seems to work is “pausing the internet” which I can do in the router anyway. So, at present, this app seems useless.
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Re: Circle on Nighthawk R8000P

Hi there,

no official resolution unfortunately. This was the last reply I received after a month of emails and telephone calls:

This is a known issue relayed to our engineering team, but currently does not have a resolution or any workaround at the time.

  • We have not been able to reproduce your exact issue.
  • Only a small number of customers are affected.
  • Other high priority bug fixes are currently being worked on ahead of this issue.
  • It looks like some investigation of this issue will start in mid-August but I am not sure on the expected resolution date on that.

Our apologies here on this issue but I wanted to make sure you had the same info I have on what's happening. If there's anything I can assist you with currently I am glad to do so, but for now I do not have any further updates. I can reach out at the time this gets resolution or further investigation.

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