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DGN2200v4 losing ISP settings


DGN2200v4 losing ISP settings

We have >50 DGN2200v4 units in use and for some reason, between 20-30 of them are losing settings which can only be rectified by visiting the affected site.


The devices are all running the latest firmware, are using different ISPs depending on the location and are all the same hardware revision, v4.


What happens is the ISP page, asking if the ISP requires a username and password, changes itself to No.  When you visit the site, simply changing this back to Yes doesnt resolve the issue and you need to factory reset the device.  There is nothing common happening to cause this that we can see, there is nothing on the logs nor is it due to random traffic - the issue can occur at anytime of day.


So the latest occurred yesterday, with all sites losing connection overnight.  We've visited several today and already, they've done the same thing.  One site lasted 20 minutes before it changed itself back to No login required.


We've asked the ISPs and they don't know of any reason for this to occur; like i mentioned, we still have another 20+ without any issues at all, all using the same kit on site and some even have the same ISP - just located in a different location.


Before i admit defeat and rip the netgears out for something else, has anyone came across this or at least know what could cause this to happen?

Model: DGN2200v4|N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router
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Re: DGN2200v4 losing ISP settings

Hello Thgict 


What ISP is this happening on? Are you using the latest firmware if so have you tried reverting to a older one? Also are you able to check the serial numbers to see if all the modems that are doing this close to being the same batch.



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