Centurylink Compatible with a DSL connection

I want to upgrade my router/modem.  I currently have an ActionTec and it is not good.  What would be a good choice?  I don't need the best of all; just one that doesn't disconnect at random and tha has decent speed.

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Re: Centurylink Compatible with a DSL connection

You should check with your ISP regarding what modems they support, before you go out and buy one..

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Re: Centurylink Compatible with a DSL connection

Here's a link to the compatible modem/routers for Centurylink;

There are no Netgear DSL/routers listed. It should be noted that Netgear may have DSL/routers that will work on Centurylink's DSL, however Netgear has not worked with Centurylink to have any of their routers certified.

D7000v2 / DGND3700v1
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Re: Centurylink Compatible with a DSL connection

To all the centurylink customers that need better wifi.. I have had centurylink for 7 years now. I really could tell you how much I hate my internet provider and how slow my connection speed is. Instead I will just say you probably already know my frustastion since your looking into netgear. I leaned a couple years ago my only choice to help my connection was to purchase a great router. Centurylink will say they are not compatible or I have seen them say that netgear won't work with them to get on the same page. So buy a nighhawk router. I had purchased a R6400. Never have had any issues. Now a R6400 is a router only so plug it in and connect it will help run you thru the setup process. Just remeber to turn off the wifi on whatever pos router you have from centurylink and use it as a modem. For any of you beginners this is going to turn your centurylink router/modem into only a modem and a bridge connection to your nighthawk. There are so many ways you can set it up so I wont go into much detail there. I use mine as a gateway that memics my pos centurylink router. I have ALWAYS wondered about the nighthawk modem/router. I think centurylink doesn't allow the modem on their network. IDK for sure tho. Anyway centurylinks router is not a good wifi to use anyhow. Their old ripple effect wifi routers couldn't keep up with more than 2 devices before being overloaded. Now this is in a rural country area with top speed of 4mb yes only 4mb download. Nigthhawk R6400 router has allowed me to have as many as 15 devices and 3 were streaming video on tv's. I could barely get one tv to stream before buying my nighthawk. Hope this can help anyone out there with slow internet speeds. Heck I could only imagine how great a nighthawk would do with higher speeds.. 

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Re: Centurylink Compatible with a DSL connection

Not true. I currently have both a D7000 and a DGND3700v1. I prefer the DGND3700v1 since I use non-Netgear firmware that allows the modem router to have function way beyond what Netgear's firmware developers are capable of providing. The only thing that Netgear modem / routers can't support is bonded DSL (two synched DSL lines). For standard ADSL (and VDSL on newer Netgear devices) they work fine on Centurylink in place of the modem/routers provided by Centurylink. The only caution is Netgear support. Netgear support is virtually non-existent, even if they suck you into paying for it. This forums' users normally provide support way beyond what Netgear is willing or capable of providing.

D7000v2 / DGND3700v1
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