Android 8 causing periodic Wi-Fi drops?


Android 8 causing periodic Wi-Fi drops?

Is anyone else noticing periodic Wi-Fi drops when bringing their Android 8.x devices out of sleep? This has been reported on the mesh routers but I'm seeing the same thing on my R6300v2 (most recent firmware).

Steps to reproduce:
Bring my Pixel (original running Android 8.1 & Dec 5th security update) out of sleep.

Result: other devices using Wi-Fi will cut out for 30secs to a minute before resuming connection.

I don't seem to have connection issues any other time.

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Re: Android 8 causing periodic Wi-Fi drops?

We have the Orbi AC3000 and have the exact same issue.  The minute the pixel connects to the wifi the ENTIRE network begins to break down for anything connected via wifi.  Computers, smart devices you name it they start popping on and off the network.  We've created an access point for the phone to have a connection which isn't optimal since the reason we got the Oribi is for range issues, so the pixel has a smaller workable area for it to function in.  I've updated google but was treated like this is isolated to me so have been jumping through hoops to try and get a solve even though yuo can simply google "Orbi pixel issues" and see it's a wide spread issue.  

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Re: Android 8 causing periodic Wi-Fi drops?

Hi all,


This issue has already been reported and is being investigated. As indicated in the link below, the root cause has already been found and a fix from Google's end should be on the way.





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