Re: Can't get wifi back after power outage


Can't get wifi back after power outage

I have an N300 wifi router that can't seem to connect to the internet after we had a power outage.  I tried to access the internet on my smart tv with no luck.  It is logged in, but says the internet is not available.  The box only shows 2 green lights now - the top one and the third one.  Before the power outage, the first 3 lights showed.  Any clue on what I should do to fix the problem?  We have had power outages before and this did not happen.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  As always, this happened right after my support expired.

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Re: Can't get wifi back after power outage

What is the exact model number of the router?  Have you hard reset the router and reconfigure it back to your settings?

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Re: Can't get wifi back after power outage

I am not a tech person, so I hope this is what you are asking for - WNR2000v5.  My nephew installed this for me, so I am clueless.  He tried to help me over the phone but couldn't figure it out.  I think my modem is messed up, but both he and the phone company (where I get my internet) say it is fine, even though the light corresponding to the wifi router only comes on for a few seconds at time, is off most of the time.  That never happened before the storm on Saturday morning.

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Re: Can't get wifi back after power outage

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To verify if there's a problem with the modem, direct connect your computer to the modem (not the WNR2000v5). If you have Internet access, reconnect the cables back to where it was. Check the following guides which applies to you.


ISP: Cable Connection

ISP: DSL Connection


Let us know what happens.



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