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Code 28

The WNDR4500 N900 router in my possession functions well. I have noted that this product in Device Manager has a yellow exclamation mark with Error Code 28. I've uninstalled the product, rebooted and reinstalled the product. It's also remained after multiple Win 7 installs.

Any thoughts as to why this remains and how I can resolve it? I searched for quite some time and I've not read of a similar issue with this product.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Code 28

I've just noticed this exact same problem. I know for a fact that it wasn't there a couple of weeks ago. I also tried to uninstall it only to have windows 7 try to find drivers on the next reboot and of course it can't because there are no drivers to be found:confused:
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Re: Code 28

meat_juice wrote:
..............I have noted that this product in Device Manager has a yellow exclamation mark with Error Code 28........................

I just built a new PC running Win 7 Pro w/SP1 64-bit and have NO errors in Device Mangler.

Exactly where in that is your WNDR4500 listed?
I can't find mine in there.
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Re: Code 28

Error Code 28 is MS O/S code states the driver missing as you aware

Router itself should not consider as device yet still may recognized as Router by the uPnP as to network map but none the less should not add under device manger.

Because newer router has "Readyshare" feature for USB HD and/or USB Printer both so I may suggest to look to uninstall the Readyshare program installation if you installed.
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