FM114P WAN Port limited to 10 Mb/s


FM114P WAN Port limited to 10 Mb/s


I have a FM114 which has been running perfectly on my Virgin Media (UK) Internet 10 Mb/s service. It was upgraded to the latest firmware some time ago.

A couple of days ago my network was upgraded to the Virgin Media 30 Mb/s service but testing shows that my download through the FM114P is limited to 10 Mb/s.

The font panel shows both the Internet 100 and LINK/ACT lights lit.

I have connected a PC directly to the Virgin Media Modem using the same cable as is plugged into the FM114P WAN port - testing confirms that 30 Mb/s is being provided by the modem.

It's almost as if the WAN port is a 10 Mb/s rather than a 10/100 Mb/s one.

I can't see any configuration options that could affect this so I'm apealing to the Forum for any ideas.
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Re: FM114P WAN Port limited to 10 Mb/s

This is an old router and it's a normal limitation of the WAN to LAN throughput. I used to have a FR114P, the wire only version of your router, it can only go 7 Mbps at best.
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Re: FM114P WAN Port limited to 10 Mb/s

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