Failure to connect to the Internet


Failure to connect to the Internet

I have recently purchased my router/modem and find that although i am connected to the router, I either do not connect to the web, or i cannot connect to some website. :confused: Any Solutions out there?
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Re: Failure to connect to the Internet

With failure to connect to your ISP issues, the list is very long.

In the first instance I would contact your ISP and confirm the settings. If your ISP is unable to provide them, then check out any support forums for the ISP.

Next confirm that you have the current firmware installed. It may be a good idea to download and reinstall the firmware.

Currently there are many members of this forum (and non-members) who are trialling a beta firmware. In order to obtain this we have had to agree not to share it. The only way to get it is to lodge a support ticket with Netgear.

There is a promise of a new Official Firmware release due some time in November. We don't have a date for this.
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