HTTPS for remote access


HTTPS for remote access

It appears that the current (V1.0.0.88_9.1.77) firmware version does not support remote admin via HTTPS. I really don't like the idea of sending my password over HTTP to administer my WNDR4000 remotely.

Does anyone know if there is a way to get HTTPS support or if this is a feature that is "coming soon"?

I really don't want to deal with flashing dd-wrt on this. I'm trying to keep my life simple. But this might be the thing that tips me over to doing that.

I was willing to put up with the fact that I can't set a separate subnet for the "Guest" network, the non-guest wifi, and ether. And I was willing to put up with as the only dynamic DNS service supported. But remote admin over HTTP only seems harder to work around or accept.


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Re: HTTPS for remote access

I'm of the same mind as you. Its a ridiculous omission by Netgear to not allow HTTPS for admin access (local and remote).
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Re: HTTPS for remote access

remote i can agree with, local it's not an issue as you are behind the firewall. as far as a work around i use logmein and remote into my server when i need to do any changes when i'm outside the house. this is only an option though if you leave a machine running all the time.
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