How to prevent being DDOS while gaming?


How to prevent being DDOS while gaming?

If I am not making myself clear, please bare with me.  I'm new at this whole gaming thing.  My son plays PS4 with a few of his friends from school.  Last night one of the kids decided to boot everyone offline because he was losing.  It was so bad that it interruped me while I was working.  My son tried explaining how it is done. Something about the IPA.  How can I prevent this from happening again? Do I need a VPN oris there something I can do through the router?  

Model: WNR1000v3|Wireless Router
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Re: How to prevent being DDOS while gaming?

Your son was probably referring to your public IP address. It's pretty easy for a gamer to find it and launch attacks against you.

The only effective countermeasure is to change your address. Whether or not you can do that depends on your ISP. Changing the router's MAC address, in some cases, can work, but there's no guarantee. Other methods, such as turning off the modem for an extended period of time may work. My observations, however, suggest that it seldom works. I wouldn't bother calling the ISP. They will tend to be rather unhelpful in this regard.

Good luck.
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Re: How to prevent being DDOS while gaming?

Without being too blunt, there is not much you can do.

If it was a one-time thing then shrug it off.  If it happens regularly (more than once a month) then take action.

If it's a really serious issue then your ISP *should* spot it and take action on their end (by blocking the flood packets), often a DDOS on a home user will hit others that are sharing your connection at the ISP.

It is also possible that this was an ISP issue - often when things like this happen kids ask other kids "are you hacking me" and the mean ones just say "yea it's me".


The WNR1000v3 is a low end router and a upgrade might help, but your isp modem, broadband speed, or wifi devices could all be just as likely to be unable to deal with a DOS attack so don't run out to buy a new router.  What speed do you pay for/should you be getting?  If it's greater than 40 meg then the router should probably be replaced with something better anyhow!


VPN's will not help unless the sons PS4 was on the VPN, even then the VPN could flood your network - not to mention that it would likely ruin his gaming. 


DOS and DDOS two different things.

DOS (Denial of Service).

DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service).


Sometimes games are hosted and the hosting party can see everyones IP address in the game, not all game servers nor all games share this, but there is enough for it to be an issue sometimes.  There is no way to hide the IP short of your son not joining (or hosting) those types of games.


Has the other person admitted he did the attack?  If so then you can contact local law enforcement (intentional DOS and DDOS is illegal in most modern parts of the world).

It's rare these days for kids to DOS but it does happen.

If the attack is going through the ps4 network then your son can report it to sony.


As suggested you could possibly change your IP, this will not deter someone who really wants to do these types of things as it will be found again.  Perhaps the best thing to do is tell your son to block that player and not play with them any longer.

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