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I work at a church using a netgear R6250. We live next to apartments and have recently been having notifications that someone has been using our internet in order to illegally download tv series. We changed the password several times, which has not worked (albeit the last person that changed the password never changed the default login to the router). Is there a way to limit file download size?
Or is there a better way to secure the router?
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Re: Limit Download Size

Changing the encryption key will usually resolve that - unless the culprit has physical access to the router (to connect a cable) or someone is providing them with the key.

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Re: Limit Download Size

I assume you have guest activated? A little more information on your setup would help.
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Re: Limit Download Size

I would make sure the encryption of the wireless is WPA2 with good combination of passphrase that includes upper case letter and number etc .

It is good idea to change router password but that would be only concern if someone in office is accessing it. I would change default to something else. Someone can always reset the router to gain access by any local people in the church.
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Re: Limit Download Size

Just make sure that the router is secured physically so that no one can reset it if ever you make changes on the wireless security as well as changing the router's admin password.
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Re: Limit Download Size

Use the wireless schedule option to turn off WIFI after hours. Check log for MAC address of abuser and then use address reservation to issue same IP then add rule to block all ports for said IP.
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