NETGEAR AC1600 (R6250) suddenly won't connect.


NETGEAR AC1600 (R6250) suddenly won't connect.

 am somewhat of a newbie... so be kind...

here are the issues...


AC1600 (R6250) purchased November 2014


(I can't log on to wifi with any of my devices - Use my iphone to


THe NETGEAR AC1600 suddenly stopped working

The second light on the front is orange, not green

I checked with COMCAST and they say my cable modem is old (DOCSIS 2.0) but still works (I will be installinga newly purchased Arris SB6183 tonight)

The NET GENIE says I need a firmware update. (I can't connect to do this)


I have reset, power cycled and turned off, the modem, the router, the computer...  multiple times.

I have used NET Genie to determine the issue...  the router is not connected and the cord may be loose.  (I have checked all the cords...they are not loose).


Please help with suggestions and advice.



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Re: NETGEAR AC1600 (R6250) suddenly won't connect.

Have you tried directly connecting to your modem to see if you can get to the internet?  

You can try powering off both the router and modem. Wait a couple of minutes, power up the modem, let it connect to the network, then power up your router. Observe results.

if you are running the Genie App, on a device connected to your network (laptop / desktop) close the app and observe the results.

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Re: NETGEAR AC1600 (R6250) suddenly won't connect.

I have tried to power cycle big the Modena bs the router... I even bought a new cable modem Areis S6183. I had the cable company out... Still no luck. When I connect the cable to the modem, the modem to the router I get an orange light for the Internet, (power is green and use and wifi are blue). I have rebooted all equipment and have not been able to successfully log on. Via the router(either wired or wifi).

Any other help.
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Re: NETGEAR AC1600 (R6250) suddenly won't connect.

@stox_guy Try to completely reset the router and start from the scratch. Push the reset button on the router for 10 seconds and use the Netgear Genie to set it up. Also, check this article in setting it up.


Let us know what happens.



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