No wifi connection on N300 router


No wifi connection on N300 router

I have an N300 (WNR2000v4) that worked perfectly for 8 months and then started disconnecting.  After several weeks of rebooting the router on a daily basis (after which it would work fine) and updating the router's firmware, I am no longer receiving any signal from the router.  I still see the wireless network listed, but when I try to connect I receive a limited or no connectivity message.  My modem works fine, and all of my devices work fine when plugged directly into the modem via ethernet cable.


I've tried connecting my computer to the router via ethernet cable to check for additional firmware updates, but there is no connectivity and I can't access the Netgear Genie.


Any suggestions? The hardware seems to still be under warranty, so should I reguest a new router?

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Re: No wifi connection on N300 router

Welcome to the community, @skferrell


First thing to try is to delete all saved profiles and then try to reconnect.

By the way, are there any other wireless devices that can connect to the router?


Another thing to do is to reset the router by pushing the reset button with a paperclip for 10 seconds.

After reset, try to see if you can access the page of the router. The latest firmware version available for your router is

To reconfigure the router, you may follow the appropriate steps below.


Cable Connection

DSL Connection


Once the router has been configured, try connecting your wireless device.

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