Re: Portforwarding horror


Portforwarding horror

Hi, I checked on the numerous portforwarding issues but none of them seem to help my case.

This is the story:

- Cisco 3212 modem, connected to
- WNDR3700 firmware V1.0.16.98NA

I fail to open every port, E.g. port 445,21,9000) all tried and none is detected open by portchecker tools from the internet.

The ONLY port who is correctly opened is when I enable "Remote Management", which opens port 8080 succesfully!

My internal WNDR3700 ip adres is
My internet WNDR3700 ip adres, shown in router status page is public 62.195.x.x
My internal NAS server is at
My DHCP server is activated: - x.x.x.50

I've checked "NAT secured/open" with no success
I've checked "Upnp off/on" with no success
I've disabled firewall functions under WAN sections with no success

Any help is deeply appreciated.
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Re: Portforwarding horror

Is your CISCO modem modem in bridged mode? Call your isp, you are probably running a double NAT. Your ISP can change the modem to bridged.
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Re: Portforwarding horror

Hi, I checked with my ISP and they said my modem is already in Bridge mode.

Please note that enabling Remote Management (8080) is working without a problem. Any other suggestions?
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Re: Portforwarding horror

you have 62., public IP so should been working with it unless ISP blocks certain ports etc that fits what you are doing
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Re: Portforwarding horror

Do you have anything listening for incoming connections on the ports you forwarded? Otherwise they will show as closed. If you do have software listening for and accepting incoming connections, your ISP may be blocking certain ports. Enabling remote management doesn't actually forward anything; the connection is handled by the router itself.
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Re: Portforwarding horror

I am with csewell here, If you do not have listening software running then it doesnt show the ports open. Try to connect to the local IP (192.168.1.xx:9000) and see if it is listening. Also make sure that your firewall is set to accept connections from local and internet.

On a side note, you should not open port 445 to the world. Samba shares are local shares and trying to force it to the interwibble would be a bad move (if the SMB software allows it).

Also (worth noting), some ISP's may block ports 80 (web server), 45 (ftp server), and port 25 (SMTP Relay).
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