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Setup my r6250 as an access point

Hey everyone!


I just bought a new router (r6250) which i would put up as an access point so i could get a better signal upstairs and not switch between router and extender. Before i had an extender but it was annoying to switch between the diffrents networks as i was up or downstairs. I tried follow this guide but nothing of those things i shown when i do it:


Right now my router is setup so there is 4 networks. 2 from my old router and 2 from the new. I would like to have only 2 (2,4 ghz and 5ghz) networks so my devices would just connect to the strongest signal.

There is allready a cable from the router downstairs to upstairs where i would like to put the new router.


Do you guys have any suggestion?


Model: R6250|Smart WiFi Router (AC1600)
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Re: Setup my r6250 as an access point

The guide you found shows what happens if the R6250's first-time setup wizard runs while plugged into your old router.  If you don't see that initial setup wizard, then just log into the R6250 and enable AP Mode in ADVANCED > Advanced Setup > Wireless AP.  If you choose the default option for the R6250 to get its IP address from the other router, then I recommend that you log into your other router and set up an address reservation for the R6250.  This will give the R6250 a stable IP address and make it easier to log into it in the future.


As for wireless networks, you can certainly configure the R6250 with the same network names as used on your old router.  I recommend that you set the R6250 to use different, nonoverlapping channels from the other router.  For example, if the main router is using channel 1, then set the R6250 to use channel 6 or 11.  This will insure that the R6250 and the other router do not interfere with each other.

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