Re: iPod Touch, WNDR3400 and intermittent connection


Re: iPod Touch, WNDR3400 and intermittent connection

I had the same problem, with multiple devices dropping off line. If you change some random settings, it will work for a little while, but it always come back. Lots of people have this problem with Netgear routers. I paid Netgear for the gearhead support. I talked numerous times to the technicians, spent a lot of time on hold (up to 50 minutes), was frequently pitched for spending even more, but never did a technician solve the problem. I gave up and bought a different router. It gets even worse. I had to go to macintosh for help undo all the stupid setting changes that Gearhead had me do. Netgear originally promised to refund my money, but then later refused.
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Re: iPod Touch, WNDR3400 and intermittent connection

I find this thread of particular interest, as this is a problem that's plagued me for some time.

I occasionally experience this same problem on our home network, but only with my computer. Since quite a few other devices on the network remain connected, I figured it was my connection, so I changed the USB Wi-Fi adapter twice. That did not fix it. By the way, I am running Win Vista/64, if that makes any difference.

When the problem happens, I see the connection icon in my tray go from the two computer screens and the globe to a red X. The connection can come back long enough to download a few e-mails. This must happen pretty fast because because the red X remains through the mail transfer. Soon, however the connection will close again.

At first I would reset the WNDR3400 when the connection became intermittent. Sometimes that would clear the problem, other times not. I subsequently found that if I go into Device Manager and disable the adapter, count to 10 and enable it, the problem disappears and I'm good for the rest of the day... or 2 days or 3. Invariably it will come back, however.

Now, here's the strange part. We have a Nintendo Wii on the network, and the problem I have happens ONLY when the Wii is left turned on for the day. Sure enough, I go to the grandson's room when the problem occurs, and the Wii is on. If I turn it off I still have to cycle my USB adapter, but then I'm good to go.

It's almost as if the WNDR3400 assigns me the same IP address as the Wii, although both devices are set for DHCP with no hard-coded IP. For now I'm just living with the situation, doing the disable/enable thing every day or so.
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Re: iPod Touch, WNDR3400 and intermittent connection

I have a very similar problem as the OP. In my household, we have Apple devices (iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4G & 5G, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro) and non-Apple devices (Toshiba laptop, Dell desktops, Dell laptops). What's REALLY strange is the intermittent connection problem ONLY occurs on Apple devices and affects all Apple devices simultaneously!!!!!

Like OP, the wifi connection on our Apple devices will be intermittent (e.g. on iPhone it will cycle between 3G and wifi, on iTouch the wifi symbol will come and go, etc.) Meanwhile, the wifi will work fine on our non-Apple devices. :confused:

I can fix the Apple wifi problem temporarily by rebooting the WNDR3400, but it'll always return, usually after a few days, but occasionally in a few hours. It's been that way ever since I set it up about a year ago. I have not been able to spot a pattern on what triggers it.

Anybody has any idea on what I can try to prevent it?
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Re: iPod Touch, WNDR3400 and intermittent connection

Has anyone figured out a solution yet on the WNDR3400 and iphones/ipads? I'm getting the same thing. Windows laptops all connect fine, but every few days all i devices will simultaneously start dropping connection. It goes on like this until I reset the router. Very annoying. And, because the phone is constantly searching for wifi and an IP address, the battery drains super fast. Hoping there's a solution.
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Re: iPod Touch, WNDR3400 and intermittent connection

Was a solution ever found for this?

I have the same router, with exactly the same problem....

Like others, I've found that changing some random setting can cure it for a week or two.... But it always comes back again.

I'm on the verge of replacing the router
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Re: iPod Touch, WNDR3400 and intermittent connection

:mad: Nope, a permanent solution has not been given. I even started a new thread elsewhere because the problem keeps coming back. I think the only solution is to ditch Netgear and get a different brand.

As an aside, I recently purchased an iPhone 5 last month. It was ALSO displaying the same behavior with intermittent drops in WiFi. Now, for the last two weeks, for some reason, I haven't had the problem. Go figure. As soon as I have the $$$, I'm replacing this router with something else. AFTER I look on that brand's forums to make sure that there are no problems with Apple products.
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