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pin number on router

When working online to try to connect my new Kindle to this router it asks for
an 8 digit pin which says is on the router, but it isnt where do I find this when I no longer have the paperwork that came with the router?
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Re: pin number on router

No1Twin wrote:
...8 digit pin which says is on the router, but it isnt where do I find this when I no longer have the paperwork...

Quick answers:

- look on the label affixed to the bottom of the router.

- Search in the GUI - you should find it.

I'm not familiar with how the Kindle connects to your wireless network, but doesn't it scan and present you with a list of networks it sees? Doesn't it give you a choice of which network you wish to connect to?

What I'm driving at is it's much better to be able to select your network and enter your passphrase when requested, or to manually create a network profile to connect to in your Kindle. I believe if you use the WPS (Wifi Protected Setup) method to connect your Kindle to your network, it changes your passphrase to a random one which the WPS process selects. If I'm right and your network's passphrase is changed then it means you would have to input the new passphrase in all your client devices that were using the old passphrase. Do you really want to go through that?
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Re: pin number on router


WPS uses PIN to connect and by using WPS between the route rand devices continually change the security to keep the system hack is what WPS is made rather normal passphrase uses same pass phrases which can be hack in long run 'If" some continue to try for weeks and weeks to hack typical wireless.

WPS itself has own exploitation issues but concept of key changing suppose to be more effective.
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Re: pin number on router

How do you search the GUI
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Re: pin number on router

@3Nacaos3 Are you looking for the WPS Pin? What's the model number of your NETGEAR device?



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