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GSM7328S v1 FW update problems after, boot code update error


GSM7328S v1 FW update problems after, boot code update error


I need urgent help from the experts here. I have a switch, GSM7328Sv1 with some FW upgrade issues. I can connect through console, enter Boot Menu and upload the interim image gsm73xxs- through XMODEM as stated here:


This upgrade works, and I get contact with the switch telnet, web, console.
To the problem:

When I try to do a FW upgrade through TFTP (over telnet or console, also tried Web) i get this:


(GSM7328S) >ena

(GSM7328S) #copy tftp:// system:image

Mode........................................... TFTP
Set TFTP Server Address........................
TFTP Path......................................
TFTP Filename.................................. gsm73xxS_7.1.1.7.stk
Data Type...................................... Code

Management access will be blocked for the duration of the transfer
Are you sure you want to start? (y/n) y

TFTP STK file transfer starting

TFTP download successful. All units updated code.

Bootcode version upgraded... updating the Bootcode on all the units.


Here it freezes and when I restart the switch it won't work and I have to redo the procedure with upload through Boot Menu and XMODEM.
It doesn't matter if I choose,, FW, same issue that it freezes.

Is something wrong with my boot code parts?
How can I check?
Where is the bootcode file?
What can I do?

Please give me a lot of things to try.

Thanks in advance and I hope for a quick answer from you guys! 🙂

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Re: GSM7328S v1 FW update problems after, boot code update error

I have now come to the conclusion that it is the boot code update that is causing problems.

When the boot code is updated, what files are changed and what does the system do?
Can I do something to wipe it, refresh it, etc?

If I connect to the switch consol at start up, enter Boot Menu and choose option 6, "Update boot code", only thing that happens is:


NetGear Boot code......
Version 01.00.09 08-23-2006

Select an option. If no selection in 2 seconds then
operational code will start.

1 - Start operational code.
2 - Start Boot Menu.
Select (1, 2):2

Options available
1 - Start operational code
2 - Change baud rate
3 - Retrieve event log using XMODEM
4 - Load new operational code using XMODEM
5 - Display operational code vital product data
6 - Update boot code
7 - Delete operational code
8 - Reset the system
9 - Restore configuration to factory defaults (delete config files)
[Boot Menu] 6
Do you wish to update Boot Code? (y/n) y


...and then it freezes and I have to disconnect power.

I even was in the other utility tools menu (choose option 30 in the Boot Menu and hit return, this is a hidden menu). I formated the flash (it gave some errors:


Boot code utilities menu
Options are:
1 - Read/Write memory
2 - Display PCI bus
3 - Display PCI bus details
4 - Display core info and bus speeds
5 - Display file system details
6 - File system directory listing
7 - Generate and store VPD info
8 - Print VPD info
9 - PLD Registers
10 - Switch diagnostics
11 - RAM test
12 - Format file system
13 - Check Filesystem
14 - Filesystem test
15 - Upload Image in FFS
16 - Read Temperature Monitor
17 - Read XFP slot EEPROMS
0 - Return to main menu
Select option (0-17): 12
tffsDevCreate failed.
usrTffsConfig returned 0xffffffff, formatting...
usrTffsConfig returned 0xffffffff


Please help!
Can I do someting here?

Need assistance (urgent if possible).
Thanks! 🙂
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Re: GSM7328S v1 FW update problems after, boot code update error

The switch was taken as RMA by Netgear and replaced by a v2.
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