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M4300 Series - NMS300 EOL ideas


M4300 Series - NMS300 EOL ideas



I currently have a medium size network that runs offline (no WAN) and I use NMS300 for a Overview/ Management/ Statistics.


I have seen that this product is marked for End-Of-Life. I cannot utilise WAN/Internet facing applications and would like to use a Netgear product to carry on doing this. Due to it going EOL, I would like to see what other people might be using anyway or would suggest in my scenario.


I have seen some stuff on the 'Engage Controller' but not yet tested. I can see its use for configuration and a overall page to view switches.. but does this offer the same in depth statistics (CPU/RAM/Port Info etc)?


Or is there another offline tool which I am not aware of?


Thanks for the help.

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